Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My big deal of the year!!!

Well I woke up thinking I didn't need to bring Joe to the doctor, but oh well needed to anyway. It's a good thing I do my curriculum and calendar in pencil. It changes way too much. Guess we will do some Math facts tonight and practice some critical thinking skills by using games tonight. At least the day won't be a complete educational wash.

But by chance I checked my email when I got up and discovered a homeschool garage sale in Toledo. So I was able to kill a little time there this am, instead of driving him to Toledo and then driving back at the cost of gas. My steal deal of the year..we have been looking for a bike trailer for Caty and Lydia for bike rides and couldn't really afford it. But at this garage sale I was able to get a little tikes bike trailer/stroller for only $5.00 How Coooooool!!! I was so excited. I need to wipe it up a little, but who cares we have a bike trailer for Caty now. I can't wait to get home and get scrubbing. She also gave me a great deal on a few curriculum items that I can use. Some science, health, and math textbooks. A couple small science kits.

After that I went to Joe's office to kill time before his appointment. I was able to write up Joey's english curriculum through October. No interruptions!!!!! Still working on Science and Health (just not getting all the textbooks in the mail). Oh and schedule some Art projects..although still waiting for those books also!..

Still very excited about the bike trailer. Can't wait to use it tomorrow. Maybe I can even buy me a new bike this weekend. Doubt it, but I can dream.


South 35th said...

I am so glad for you that you were able to find the bike trailer!!! It is such a blessing when you find something that you have been wanting, at a price you can afford :)


Little Badgers Academy said...

I love when a plan comes together! LOL! Even when there was not a plan to begin with... Glad you found the bike trailer, sometimes things can work in such a funny ways!